Bam destroys reef

Milly Waal Adventures

Curacao Nature Conservation presents a quick and fun way to learn about the history of Oostpunt, and how exactly the Waal family got a hold of this land.


Ban Ocean Dumping in Curacao

Our petition to the Government of Curacao to implement stronger laws on ocean dumping, and water runoffs.

Love What We Have

Join us in marking Curacao with your love. Get the downloadable print-outs here, and go take pictures around the island.

Wechi Dilemma

Recently Amigu di Tera released in the press a brief history about the huge area known as Wechi. FKP director, Arthur Con also recently spoke out to TeleCuracao about the current development. In the video below you can see what he had to say.

Legal Battle Wechi Continues

Letter sent to Techniek & Design.

Our letter to Techniek & Design.

Mangrove Petition

Our successful Jan Thiel petition that was launched in 2008. Although we already claimed victory on this battle against the resort plans, feel free to still sign the petition if you haven’t yet.