About Us

Curacao Nature Conservation (CUNACO) was established in Curacao, June 2008. Some highlights of CUNACO’s achievements include the successful petition that over 5,000 people have signed so far and the massive walk around Jan Thiel that was organized along with another nature organization. CUNACO has over 1,000 active members. As we are a new nature group, we could really use all help we can get. One of our biggest goals is to educate on the different possibilities of sustainable development and ways of living in Curacao, and the rest of the world.

We are a nature conservation group that takes on anyone who threatens our natural island beauty. From hotels that build artificial beaches on coral reefs, to developers who plan on destroying large and unique nature spots—if nature destruction is taking place, you can bet CUNACO will be on it.

Our mission is to spread nature awareness in Curacao and to prevent as much unnecessary nature destruction as possible. CUNACO also realizes that the local population of Curacao has an already limited access to their own beaches, and this problem we face is escalating day by day. Therefore we also strive to eliminate this inequality for future hotels and establishments.

We acknowledge that tourism is very important for Curacao’s economy, and welcome tourism development on the island. However, with all great things, come great responsibilities. It is a sad but realistic truth that establishments are responsible for the major and continuous destruction of nature above and below sea level, so we must demand their full cooperation, help, and interest in Curacao’s ecology by switching over to various sustainable practices and waste managements.